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Pac-Man Alarm Clock
  • Pac-Man Alarm Clock

Pac-Man Alarm Clock

Wide a wakka-wakka club

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    Do you have a recurring dream in which you are being chased by comedy ghosts whilst gobbling glowing pills? We do, but it’s only because we can’t wait to be shaken from our slumber each morning by the retro-tastic Pac-Man Alarm Clock.

    Officially licensed, this kitsch tribute to an 80s icon diddly-woos you out of boboland via the evocative start-up tune from Pac-Man. It even emits a few seconds of spine-tingling wakka-wakka-ing. You’ll be transported back to the arcade the second you hear it. You might even start checking your ‘jama pockets for ten pees.


    Cherries, Bells and Ghosts

    Battery operated, this eye-catching alarm clock features Snooze, Alarm Off and Backlight buttons represented by cherries, a bell and naughty ol’ Pinky – and if that particularly 80s name means nothing to you, there’s little point telling you about our other recurring dream involving Gorf, Duran Duran and Kim Basinger. Wakka-wakka!

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