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PSP Mini Arcade
  • PSP Mini Arcade

PSP Mini Arcade

Cardboard classic!

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    PSP Mini Arcade

    360º of arcade action

    Imagine if your beloved PSP entered some kind of temporal rift and got merged with an old arcade cabinet made of cardboard. (Well it could happen). Imagine no more because the forehead-slappingly ingenious PSP Mini Arcade is here.

    This nifty little flat-packed thingamabob folds out to become a replica arcade cabinet that can accommodate your PSP. Why? Well, why not! After all, the PSP is so darned sleek it could do with a bit of a retro makeover, especially if youÂ’re playing classic games. WhatÂ’s more, the PSP Mini Arcade doubles up as a stylish display stand for your console when itÂ’s not in use.


    Fold it yoursefl!

    Available in two styles, Dirt Track Rally and Cosmic Invaders, the PSP Mini Arcade has been brought to you by the creative powerhouses over at Suck UK, so you can be sure itÂ’s a quality bit of kit. And by juxtaposing a classic cabinet with a cutting-edge portable console theyÂ’ve managed to make an ironic artistic statement. But no, we donÂ’t what it is.

    PSP Mini Arcade

    See inside, kind of anyway...

    This classic is packed with quirky details!

    There's a "sleeping" dog in the bottom of it!

    PSP Mini Arcade

    It's just like the 80's!

    The second you pop your PSP into this surprisingly sturdy cardboard frame the memories will come flooding back – high scores, blippity-blop games and the incessant clattering of coins. Sadly you can’t side-slap this particular cabinet when you lose or unplug it from the mains when you’re about to get beaten (or was that just us?), but the sight of a miniaturised arcade cabinet should be sufficient for all you old-school vidiots out there. It’s like the last 30 years never happened!

    PSP Mini Arcade

    (L-R: Dirt Track Rally & Cosmic Invaders)


    Cool inside and out!

    A great gift for anyone who owns, or is about to own, a PSP, the PSP Mini Arcade is, without doubt, one of the most ingenious gadget peripherals we’ve ever seen. What’s more, it’s flat-packed and made of cardboard – and you can’t say that about many PSP add-ons. So come on, get back to the future (or should that be the past?) and get ordering. New high score!

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