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PSP BLACK Pro Accessories
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PSP BLACK Pro Accessories

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    So you've finally got your hands on a gorgeous PSP and you're the envy of every pleb who hasn't got one. But how do you become the envy of every smug braggart who has got one? Easy, you get your mitts on some of these ingenious protective accessories, specifically created for the hottest handheld console on the planet.

    First up, allow us to introduce the exceptionally elegant Tri Case. This sleek but sturdy carry case will keep your precious PSP fully protected and free from smudges and scratches when not in use. Handy when you consider that the whole point of the PSP is its portability.

    PSP Accessories With its black rubberised finish and brushed metal trim, the Tri Case is almost as ergonomically enticing as the PSP itself. It can't play games or movies but it can store 2 UMD discs and 4 Duo Sticks alongside your beloved handheld console. It also gives you access to the power and headphone sockets while the PSP is still inside. Even more ingenious is a nifty access window that allows you to see the PSP's horizontal menu bar at all times.

    PSP Accessories Next up is the 3-in-1 Grips Storage Case. This tight fitting perspex case surrounds your PSP like transparent armoured skin, protecting it from mucky finger marks and scratches, but still giving you access to all the controls. And let's face it, a tarnished PSP is enough to make a grown man cry. But here's the really clever bit: the case features two retractable 'shoulder' sections designed to help adult hands get a proper grip on the console. By putting a bit of 'meat' onto the PSP the twin-position grips really allow your fingers to strut their stuff and give optimal comfort and feel in any gaming scenario over a prolonged period. As if this were not enough to get you clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button, the 3-in1 also acts a stand for your PSP, so you can watch movies hands-free. Result!

    PSP Accessories Last but by no means least comes the stylish UMD Case. As the name suggests this sleek little number has been designed to store and protect your valuable UMDs. Simply push one of the four buttons and your UMD of choice is elegantly ejected. You won't even have to play guess the disc because a viewing window allows you to see each title. Now isn't that better than carting around a quartet of bulky boxes?

    We think these beautifully designed peripherals are essential bits of kit for any self-respecting PSP owner. After all, you wouldn't put a £200 pair of shades in a sock, would you? We did and the only thing they're good for now is the bin. That's why all three of these über-chic items are worth every penny. So don't dilly dally, get on the case!

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