P'Kolino Silly Soft Seating
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P'Kolino Silly Soft Seating

Three piece sweet

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    lifestyle - Tias

    Fun to take apart and rebuild

    Short on space in your home? The P'Kolino Silly Soft Seating is a climbing frame, a friendly companion, a developmental tool and a chair in one! How? Well, each of these colourful foam characters is made in three pieces. The lightweight, but sturdy components can be disassembled to expose the base, which can be used as a chair. Or they can be puzzled back together to make a large friendly companion.

    Five designs available:
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    lifestyle - kiko

    The most huggable seat there is

    This kind of interaction is great for developing your toddler’s motor skills and spatial awareness. Not that they’ll notice – they’ll be far too busy lifting, moving, and clambering all over it. In fact, these toddler-sized pieces are the perfect height for supporting them as they’re learning to walk.

    When playtime is over, the durable fabric can be removed and machine washed, so grubby hand-marks, footprints and chewed corners can be kept to a minimum.

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