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What a flasher!

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    Experts reckon that regular exercise can add five years to your life. The trouble is they're the final five years, and by that time your mind's gone to mush, your bladder's got a mind of its own and you spend most days staring at the gogglebox waiting for meals-on-wheels to turn up!

    PIX Sports As you can tell, we're not massive exercise enthusiasts here at Firebox. We're too busy playing with the latest gizmos to waste time working up a sweat. But all that's about to change thanks to the ingenious PIX Sports. This tiny exercise assistant is all set to take the lycra-clad world of working-out by storm, as it really is one of the most useful gym-friendly gadgets we've ever seen.

    PIX Sports Basically the PIX Sports is a wearable, multifunctional LED sporting assistant. It won't spot you doing bench presses or soap you up in the shower, but it will perform six invaluable functions. The extremely trendy PIX Sports is a watch, stopwatch, stepometer, night signal, scrolling text message display and motion response display. All this and you can wear it around your neck or clip it to your clothing with the supplied clip. It's even showerproof (although we're not quite sure where you'd hang it sans clothing).

    Input and display a scrolling text message up to 30 characters long.
    Show the current time.
    Display one of ten animated patterns.
    Counts movements, such as a stepometer.
    Motion Response Display:
    Shows a pattern that responds to movement.
    Display and measure time accurate to 0.1 seconds.

    As well as its gym-based uses the PIX Sports is a brilliant visibility tool. Clip it to your sleeve or the back of your bike and you'll be flashing as you're dashing and pulsating as you're pedalling. That's because the PIX Sports features a motion sensor which causes the LEDs to contract and expand across the screen. In signal mode the PIX Sports will display several animations, including a solid bar of all 75 LEDs, a large arrow and various other patterns formed by the blinking lights.

    PIX Sports
    PIX Sports And then there's our favourite function: message mode. This allows you to program the PIX Sports to display the scrolling text of your choice (up to 30 characters), including numbers, letters, symbols and spaces. Ideal if you want to attract attention whilst out and about ("My other bicycle's a Ferrari", "Guess what's in my lunchbox", "Legwarmers for sale", "Young, free and single" - you get the idea).

    Although it's the perfect exercise companion we think the sleek PIX Sports will also appeal to all you clubbers out there, as you can flirt, flash and still keep track of your moves per minute. Despite its multifunctionality the PIX Sports is a doddle to use: two titchy buttons give you access to all its fantastic features. And once you get the hang of it you'll be flashing, blinking, texting and timing like there's no tomorrow. So hurry up and get ordering - the PIX Sports is blinking brilliant.

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