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Ozaki iUFO

Close encounters of the musical kind

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    Bringing space-age style to any room in your house, the Ozaki iUFO plays music straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Connect your apple device and it’ll sit flush against the surface of the dazzling chrome surround, blending perfectly into the iUFO’s smooth curves.

    Rotating dock Remote Control Close up of iPhone angled for video

    Rotating dock

    Remote control

    Perfect for watching videos

    Fancy watching your stored movies, clips, or music videos? Once your device is connected to the iUFO simply tilt the chrome surround and adjust the screen to your optimum viewing angle. Prefer landscape viewing? No problem! Just twist the chrome surround and the awesome alien technology will rotate your device through ninety degrees. Out of this world!

    Connections on the back

    (From L-R) AV out, Line in, On/Off, DC (12V) in

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