Ozaki Stylus and Pen
  • Ozaki Stylus and Pen

Ozaki Stylus and Pen

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    it's a stylus and a pen all in one

    It's a must-have multifunctional note taking device

    Drawing to a close the era of grubby finger marks and scruffy-looking screens, the Ozaki Stylus and Pen gives you cleaner and more accurate control over your iPad or other touchscreen device.

    Designed for every day use, the soft, rounded end of the stylus makes a perfect tool for typing, tapping and scrolling through your touchscreen functions without leaving any marks or scratches. When you have to abandon your techy gadgets to write a standard note simply turn the stylus over and use the integral German-made ballpoint pen instead.

    Looks just like a smartpen but it has the extra benefit of being a touchscreen stylus! Available in black or white.

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