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      Oxygen bars are popular in smoggy cities such as Los Angeles, Bangkok and Tokyo. In the Japanese capital, you can even specify a fruity flavour for your O2. We Brits tend not to suffer so harshly from pollution, but the percentage of oxygen in the air has decreased over time. Couple this with the increase in carbon monoxide in our atmosphere, and the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood decreases.

      Okay, lab coats off now. What we're trying to say here is that a blast of pure oxygen can perhaps make you feel good. It's probably the main reason why the makers of O-Pur have created a personal source of the good stuff. It won't make you light headed, but it won't make you run faster either. Somewhere in the middle ground between those two extremes lies the benefit gained from the oxygen in O-Pur. The responses from Firebox test subjects ranged between 'nice', 'very clean' and 'oh, I didn't think it would do anything, but somehow it has. But I can't describe it. Can I have some more?'

      The benefits of a blast of O-Pur may actually be more psychological than genuinely physical, but there's no doubting that several gulps of oxygen certainly feel as if they can cut through the fur and filth of a hangover. Even without the sceptre of a heavy night's antics hanging over you, a distinct feeling of well-being does wash over you after a little session with O-Pur. Keep one next to the whisky and the Popshotz in your desk drawer.

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