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Overboard iPad Case
  • Overboard iPad Case

Overboard iPad Case

Don’t get juice on your apple

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    Water. We’ve been dealing with it for years and have grown to quite like it. Technology on the other hand doesn’t like it one bit. Except maybe the steam engine. But our point is, how can we carry on doing the rainy, damp, or generally water-based bits of our lives and still use our much-loved tech? For the vast majority of gadgets, the answer lies in Overboard’s impressive range of waterproof cases, bags, and holdalls.

    case closed work in water keep a grasp on the situation

    Close the case the Slide Seal system

    Still use the touchscreen functions

    Handy loop keeps a grip on things

    includes a shoulder strap

    Use the included strap to carry the case over your shoulder

    The Overboard iPad Case is a great way to keep your apple gadget dry while you’re taking on the elements. Thanks to the clear window you can still use the iPad’s touchscreen functions – even underwater! This is all thanks to Overboard’s brilliant Slide Seal system. Just move the four sliders to the closed position and your gadget inside will be 100% protected.

    A tough shoulder strap is included, so carrying the case is easy and comfortable. You could even take it for a swim. The seal is so tight, the Case will even float, so you won’t be weighed down. Talk about bobbing for apples!

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