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Overboard Waterproof Cases
  • Overboard Waterproof Cases

Overboard Waterproof Cases

Don't be wet

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    Smile for the camera!

    The problem with MP3 players and digital cameras is that they hate water. Well we assume they do because they have a habit of short-circuiting the second they hit the wobbly wet stuff. And that's a bummer because most of us like fiddling with our gizmos whilst splashing around in the sea, frolicking by the pool and bombing down snow-covered mountains. Some of us even like playing with them in the bath. That's why we've been on the lookout for a way to keep cameras and MP3 players dry. Step forward Overboard Waterproof Cases.

    These impact resistant, heavy duty PVC cases will keep your gadgets 100% dry. And thanks to transparent front and rear windows they allow full access to all the relevant controls when sealed. This means you can take piccies in the pool, snaps on the slopes and listen to your music in countless watery scenarios. Go for the MP3 Case and you can listen and splosh simultaneously via the included fully waterproof headphones. Yes, really!

    Waterproof MP3 and Camera Cases




    Waterproof Camera Cases

    Easy to seal

    As well as water, Overboard Waterproof Cases will protect your gear from sand, dust, suntan lotion, beer and anything else (within reason) you'd care to think of. They'll even keep precious devices dry when completely submerged in water. In fact they're submersible to 19ft - guaranteed! And if you manage to drop 'em in the drink, they'll float. Clever, eh? This is down to ingenious air-injected pockets that double up as protective bumpers. It's like sealing your beloved tech toys in suits of inflatable armour.

    Supremely practical, Overboard Waterproof Cases are perfect for action-loving gadget fans and they make ideal travelling companions for anyone with an MP3 player or digital camera. And that means you! Whether you're snapping away underwater, flicking through playlists on a lilo or snowboarding through deep powder with a pocketful of gizmos, these cases won't let you down. Now if you'll excuse us we're off for a shower - pass the iPod!

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