Overboard Pro Sports Headphones
  • Overboard Pro Sports Headphones

Overboard Pro Sports Headphones

Don’t drown your sounds

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    Fits around your neck and the earbuds sit snuggly in your ears

    Water. We’ve been dealing with it for years and have grown to quite like it. Technology on the other hand doesn’t like it one bit. Except maybe the steam engine. But our point is, how can we carry on doing the rainy, damp, or generally water-based bits of our lives and still use our much-loved tech?

    Well for all MP3 junkies and media-loving iPeople, the answer lies in the Overboard Pro Sports Headphones. Although they look like a regular set of earphones, these funky buds are 100% sweatproof, weatherproof and waterproof.


    Coiled cord means there is no excess wires dangling from you or your iPod!

    So whether you're snowboarding, skiing, surfing or snorkelling you can always take your favourite tunes with you. Wear them with the soft, comfortable neckband, or pop them out and wear them as individual earbuds. They’ll adapt to suit you. Now, all you have to worry about is keeping your media-player dry...

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