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Overboard Pro Sports Backpack
  • Overboard Pro Sports Backpack

Overboard Pro Sports Backpack

Keep your bits dry

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    It's perfect for wearing during outdoor activities like rock climbing!

    Water. We’ve been dealing with it for years and have grown to quite like it. Technology on the other hand doesn’t like it one bit. Except maybe the steam engine. But our point is, how can we carry on doing the rainy, damp, or generally water-based bits of our lives and still use our much-loved tech? For the vast majority of gadgets, the answer lies in Overboard’s impressive range of waterproof cases, bags, and holdalls.

    The Overboard Pro Sports Backpack is just such an example. Designed to be completely watertight, this innovative backpack can even be immersed in water. How? Well to begin with, it’s made from heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin with high-frequency welded seams. So it’ll withstand all sorts of wet and wild activities and still keep your stuff safe.

    how to close

    Roll the top of the bag to keep it watertight and everything inside dry

    To close the bag Overboard have used an innovative fold-seal system. Essentially, the loose opening of the backpack is rolled up several times and held in place with clips. This makes the bag almost airtight, so that if it falls into the water it’ll actually float!

    two sizes available

    2 sizes: Black (30L) & Yellow (20L)

    Features on the outside of the pack include adjustable elasticated webbing for shoes or flip-flops, a zip-up mesh pocket and a water bottle holder. The padding around the shoulder straps and lumbar supports is also completely waterproof, so they won’t take on water and weigh you down while you’re wearing it – or go mouldy when you get home and throw it in a cupboard.

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