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Overboard Multipurpose Case
  • Overboard Multipurpose Case

Overboard Multipurpose Case

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    Put your valuables in the case

    Water. We’ve been dealing with it for years and have grown to quite like it. But a lot of the stuff we carry around with us isn’t so keen – paperwork, money, passports, tickets, iPods, etc. So we’re left with a dilemma – how can we carry on doing the rainy, damp, dirty or generally water-based bits of our lives and still carry these essential bits and pieces?

    case closed

    Lock tight with Slide Seal system

    The Overboard Multipurpose Case is a great start. Made from biodegradable polyureathane, this handy pouch has a watertight closure. So whether you’re waist-deep in music festival mud, slathered in sand and suncream at the beach, or taking a dip in the pool, your important bits and pieces will be kept clean and dry.

    This is all thanks to Overboard’s brilliant Slide Seal system. Just move the two sliders to the closed position and your gadget inside will be 100% protected. You could even take it as deep as six metres underwater (handy, if you’re shopping in Atlantis). The seal is so tight, the case will even float!

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