Outdoor Stick Light
  • Outdoor Stick Light

Outdoor Stick Light

Stick it where the sun don’t shine

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    lovely shot at dusk

    They are a sight to behold at night

    Designer lights are all well and good, but there’s not much point owning one unless it attracts stacks of attention. Thankfully the Outdoor Stick Light does exactly that – hardly surprising as it stands a statuesque 1.9m tall.

    Designed by Michael Young, this rotationally moulded polyethylene rod of light is already an iconic piece in the world of interior design, but has been completely re-engineered for outdoor use. But that’s not all because the eye-popping Stick Light has grown a longer tube for even greater illumination. Design boffins have also made its base sturdier.

    indoor scale shot outdoor scale shot base and price

    It can be used indoors...

    ...Or it can be used outdoors

    Optional base – perfect for patios

    ground spike and price

    Optional spike – great for gardens

    Put this remarkable glow-chucker in the garden and neighbours are liable to think the Martians have landed. If they’ve been drinking. If they haven’t they’ll recognise it for what it is: a gorgeously timeless designer lamp that looks as striking outside as it does indoors. Then again, if you’ve got the cash and cojones to put a Stick Light in your garden you probably haven’t got any neighbours. Light on!

    big light dimensions

    Much bigger and brighter than your average outdoor lamp!

    More detail and specification