Outdoor Meal Kit
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Outdoor Meal Kit

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    Outdoor Meal Kit

    All packs down into one small box!

    As all you backpackers, festival fans and camping buffs know, trying to prepare and eat your din dins when you're miles from civilisation isn't easy. Normal plates and bowls are too heavy and paper plates tend to go all floppy when you put your beans on 'em. And those army-style mess tins are exactly that - tins. Metallic-tasting mash? No thanks!

    Thankfully the ludicrously compact Outdoor Meal Kit is here to save the day. This all-in-one canteen/cutlery set contains everything you need to prepare and eat a meal on the move, and it is set to become an indispensable travelling companion for all you gallivanting gourmets out there.

    Outdoor Meal Kit

    (L to R) Plate / Large Bowl, Bowl, Spill-free Cup

    Incredibly, the Outdoor Meal Kit's Scandinavian designers have managed to fit two plates, a spill-free 300ml cup, a combined colander/cutting board and a bowl with a lid in a small waterproof box. There's even a tough spork (yes, that is a proper word) with a serrated edge. Take three utensils on the road? Not us!

    Outdoor Meal Kit

    (L to R) Colander / Cutting Board, Spork, Plate

    Crafted in environmentally-friendly polypropylene, the funky-looking Outdoor Meal Kit is dishwasher safe (although we're not sure where you'd find a dishwasher in the middle of nowhere) and it even floats - ideal for all those waterlogged festivals and poolside picnics.

    Outdoor Meal Kit

    It's like a Tardis, for food

    The Outdoor Meal kit can be used in countless scenarios: road trips, boating jaunts, camping holidays, picnics - you could even stick your packed lunch in there and impress fellow workers with your ultra-efficient designer lunch box.

    Short of hiring a lackey to follow you around carrying the contents of your kitchen cupboard, we can think of no better way to munch on the move. In fact seeing as we all have to eat and we all have to move, we can think of no good reason why you haven't already hit the Buy button. Dinner's up!

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