Outback Motion Activated Camera
  • Outback Motion Activated Camera

Outback Motion Activated Camera

Pap Sasquatch!

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    Small, robust and waterproof

    Photographing a unicorn in its natural habitat can be tricky. The same goes for Sasquatch, Nessie, Lord Lucan and the whole elusive gang. But not when you’re armed with the Outback Motion Activated Camera. Just set up this compact, battery powered unit in a tree or hidey hole and it’ll capture even the most secretive of beasties, day or night, should they wander past.

    With a tough, weatherproof case it’s well suited to spending long hours in the field (literally) to get your shot. And as the name suggests, you don’t even need to be there at the magic moment. The motion-sensor will automatically trigger the 2MP camera, capturing high quality images to the included 2GB SD card. There’s even an IR function for snapping at night. Which also makes it handy for papping sleepwalkers as they bimble around the house. Now that really would be one of nature’s mysteries captured.

    night vision

    Crisp infrared night vision images

    colour daylight

    Full colour images in daylight

    long distance at night

    Up to 10m range in night vision

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