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Ostrich Pillow Mini
  • Ostrich Pillow Mini
  • Ostrich Pillow Mini
  • Ostrich Pillow Mini
  • Ostrich Pillow Mini

Ostrich Pillow Mini

Catch some Z's

Product not available at the moment.
  • Lightweight, portable and supremely comfortable
  • Join the majestic power-napping revolution
  • Incredibly versatile – can be worn on the hand, elbow or forearm
  • An effective but more subtle alternative to other Ostrich Pillows
  • Enjoy silent and painless high-fives


Drinking an endless stream of coffee and cracking open energy drinks every 10 minutes isn't sustainable and may just be starting to take its toll on your health. If you're battling to get the good night's sleep you deserve, then you need to join the joyous power-napping revolution.

New to the public snoozing game but not quite ready to be seen out in the open with a giant pillow wrapped around your head? That's perfectly understandable, which is why we need to introduce you to the latest baby in the Ostrich Pillow family – the Ostrich Pillow Mini.

It's a little more understated than previous incarnations, but still offers that same unrivalled cosiness to rest your weary head upon. The Mini appreciates that everyone has their own unique way of getting comfortable, which is why you can wear it on your hand, elbow or forearm.

Perfect for indulging in some soothing shut-eye on the crowded morning commute, cushioning your sleepy head during a gruelling long-haul flight or just helping you to peacefully crash out on top of the printer at work. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing; slip on this revolutionary mitt to escape from life's relentless stresses and embrace the sweet release of sleep.

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