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Child's Play

Product not available at the moment.
  • A groundbreaking iPad game that will change the way your kid plays
  • Expands gameplay beyond the screen encouraging creative thinking
  • 4 different games included
  • From assembling puzzles with real life pieces to rearranging word tiles
  • Can be played and created by the whole family, anywhere, on any surface
  • Simply attach the included reflector and stand to your iPad and you're away


Idle time-wasting no more - Osmo is a clever blend of education and genuinely fun gameplay.

Played on the table in front of your iPad Osmo, unlike most apps, comes in a box complete with physical letter tiles and coloured shapes. Simply pop your iPad in the special (and included) stand and you’re away.

With three gameplay titles to choose from (Words, Tangram and Newton), each mode is wonderfully different and equally enticing. 'Words' displays a picture on your iPad alongside a number of blanks to be completed by placing letters in front of your screen. Working against the clock to solve puzzles is the pick-me-up your lateral thinking skills need.

Next up we have 'Tangram' - a shape matching challenge and 'Newton' - a game in which you use pen and paper to connect falling beads to targets by drawing lines. None of this ‘Candy Crush’ lark.

Available for children of age six and above - but also compelling enough for us boring ol’ adults - this is iPad entertainment at its ruddy finest.

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