Orochi the Dragon Night Light
  • Orochi the Dragon Night Light

Orochi the Dragon Night Light

Get a good knight's sleep

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  • Say hello to Orochi the Dragon Night Light
  • Keeps watch through the night for all who threaten your slumber
  • Will turn-off after one hour to save your precious batteries
  • Guaranteed not to breathe fire indoors


It's a fact that everyone has a favourite Dragon.
  • Pete's Dragon
  • Draco from Dragonheart
  • Puff the Magic Dragon
  • The 3 mental pet Dragons in Game of Thrones
All great. All majestic. All mythical and mysterious. Some more capable of terrible atrocities than others...

Now comes a time to add another brilliant beast to that list. Meet Orochi the Dragon Night Light.

Possibly one of the least-threatening reptiles to grace the land (or your bed chamber), Orochi's soothing glow will keep you safe from all night-time terrors thanks to its long-lasting LED lightbulb and ingenious one hour auto turn-off capabilities.

Available in a plethora of enchanting colours, there's never been a better excuse to recruit your very own fire-breathing* sidekick.

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41 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Love it it's so bright as well a great purchase"
    Hazel - 10th of October, 2018
  • "Lovely, shiny, chubby dragon. It immediately found its place on my office desk."
    Judith - 1st of August, 2018
  • "Incredibly cute!!!!!!!!!! Also sturdy and of a good quality. My friend loved it :3"
    Axel - 7th of March, 2018
  • "cute but smaller then I thought"
    Ann - 1st of March, 2018
  • "Lights up the room like a cute little red light district only with dinosaurs. Winner winner."
    Lauren - 19th of February, 2018