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Original Hot Bear

    Original Hot Bear

    Altogether now, 'Ahh, isn't he cute!'

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    Award Winning Bear:
    Original Hot Bear is the Gift of the Year 2002 Winner


      History has been graced by some delightful ikkle bears that we'd all love to snuggle up to: Yogi, Barney, Hair, Nookie, and our own personal favourite, Dani. But if you're in need of a slightly more practical bedtime companion to love, look no further than the adorable Hot Bear.

      This poor little teddy's in desperate need of some TLC. In fact, Hot Bear is running a temperature - and so would you if you'd just had a warm, wheat-filled bag shoved in your tummy! It's enough to make a grown man cry.

      Yes, that's right, by heating an ingenious inner bag, this cute and cuddly little fella becomes a warming companion or, if you're under 10, a teddy with a temperature. As he gradually cools down he's 'getting better'.

      Hot Bear really is a charming gift for your mum, wife or girlfriend. But be warned: one cuddle and you may not want to give him away. He really is the snuggliest teddy ever and the fact that he's so warm makes him the perfect bedtime companion. Bless.

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