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Original Hacky Sack

    Original Hacky Sack

    Play Keepy-Uppy anytime, anywhere. No balls required!

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      It may sound like some newfangled type of sushi, but the mind-numbingly addictive Hacky Sack has actually been around in the good old US of A since the early 70s. It all began when, having shunned the world's favourite sport (football) in favour of some girlie form of rugby league (gridiron), our ingenious friends across the pond set about inventing a device which allowed them to exploit the only element of soccer that genuinely held their interest. And that, dear friends, was Keepy-Uppy. Yes folks, scoring a screamer from 40 yards was nothing compared to completing 20 consecutive headers followed by 100 Pele-style knee-ups.

      Hacky Sack in hand

      You see spherical balls just didn't do it for the Americans, so they came up with the Hacky Sack – a small, hand-sewn beanbag (or "footbag") that could be kicked about in a highly acrobatic fashion. The only goal was (and still is) to keep the Hacky Sack off the ground without using your hands. Amazingly, Hacky Sacks soon became as big a part of 70s' American youth culture as Hershey Bars, Kiss and knee-high tube socks, and before long the National Hacky Sack Association was born. No, really.

      Hacky Sack jumper

      And now, thanks to your good friends at Firebox, the Hacky Sack is back and better than ever. But before all you cynics out there start giggling, we'd like to point out that this little bag of beans is, without doubt, one of the most shockingly addictive playthings we've ever seen. Possessing that all-important "one more go" factor in spades, the Hacky Sack has got us totally obsessed. It's fantastic to play with friends in a circle and see how long you can keep it aloft. You can also set up a net, volley ball-style, and boot the thing back and forth. On your own the possibilities for fun are truly endless. Apparently, advanced freestylers even choreograph their Hacky Sack routines to music. And no, we're not making it up!

      Hacky Sacks are once again taking the world by storm, and if you don't believe us contact the IFC – the International Footbag Committee, or check out So there!

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