Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Original Beard Hats

Fight the cold like a man

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  • Beanie hat with detachable beard
  • Very functional in cold climates
  • Designed with a unique hand knit pattern
  • Made of 100% acrylic yarn for comfort
  • Soft and never itchy or scratchy
  • Tightly knit for the best possible quality
  • Beard adjustment range of up to 14 cm
  • Fold the beard away easily for fancy dinner parties
Papa Smurf, Father Christmas, Abraham Lincoln, Captain Birdseye: all leaders in their field and all famous for rocking a magnificent beard/hat combo. But what is it about a beard and hat that makes such a potent pairing? Indeed, does a man make a beard, or does a beard make a man? We just don’t know... and curse our mutant face follicles, we’ve never had the chance to find out. Until now.

Thanks to the friendly folk at Beardo, we no longer have to put up with our naked chin's mocking smirk in the mirror every morning. Because they’ve created Original Beard Hats – chunky knit beanies with their own detachable beard! And we’re not talking the cheap and scratchy disguise type. Made from 100% acrylic yarn, this artificial face fur is extremely soft against your face. And the hand knit pattern makes them stand out from the beanie itself. Not to mention their colour.

Available in brown, white and ginger, there’s a Beard Hat for every taste. Or, if you’re undecided, just buy a couple and mix and match! Each beard has velcro pads to easily attach to any of the Beard Hats. And they’re just as easy to whip off and pack away. So you can quickly strap one on for flying down the piste, then pack it away when you come inside – keeping the beanie fashionably fixed on your noggin. Stylish, practical and as rugged as a lumberjack’s underpants.

But don’t go thinking all this testosterone-fuelled knitwear is just for the boys. Original Beard Hats look magnificent on anyone – young or old, boys or girls. So if you’ve never had the pleasure of being asked directions to a sweat lodge, quizzed on the finer points of ice fishing or invited to an afternoon’s log-rolling, now’s your chance! Does a beard really make a man? Nah. But it’ll certainly raise a few smiles.

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