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Organic Catnip


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    Cats are such aloof, regal creatures. And we're not just talking about lions and tigers; despite their undeniable cuteness, even domesticated moggies have a slightly snobby attitude. Maybe that's why humans enjoy watching them chasing bits of string, doing roly-polys and generally losing their cool in an 'awww... ain't it cute' kind of way.

    If you're a cat-lover who likes nothing better than watching your feline furball go ape, we've got just the thing. Organic Catnip is a perennial herb belonging to the mint family and, for some unknown reason, cats go absolutely bonkers when they go near it - rubbing it, rolling in it, pawing at it, and generally acting the four-legged fool. Simply sprinkle a little Organic Catnip near your cat and stand back.

    Professors of pusskinology are baffled as to why cats love Organic Catnip, although many believe it's linked to nepetalactone, a natural chemical found in the aromatic oils of the plant's leaves. What experts do agree on is the fact catnip gives cats an intense, euphoric and completely harmless 'high' that lasts anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Better still, it's 100% natural and there are no side-effects, so you won't catch Tiddles sneaking off to the petrol station at 4am to buy some nibbles, or hanging around dark alleyways. (Well you might, but it's nothing to do with the Organic Catnip).

    Presented in a smart and convenient tin, this high quality organic gear is a great treat for your beloved pussycat, and it's a terrific exercise stimulator for overweight cats. Organic Catnip is also a brilliant way to entertain your cat if it looks a bit on the bored side, as it will bring out his/her boisterous inner-self.

    Best of all Organic Catnip will bring you and your cat even closer together. Because if you can't laugh along with a friend (even a furry one), who can you laugh along with? Meow!

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