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Oregon Aroma Diffuser Mood Light
  • Oregon Aroma Diffuser Mood Light

Oregon Aroma Diffuser Mood Light

Sniff, look and listen

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    multi-coloured lights

    The lamp cycles through a variety of colours and scents to relax you

    When it comes to sound therapy, light therapy and aromatherapy, some of us at Firebox HQ have been known to snort, flash two fingers and expel our own powerful smells at the very idea. But to a lot of people, these holistic treatments are a source of great comfort, healing, relaxation and mental wellbeing. And who are we to argue?

    So when we discovered a high-tech gadget that incorporates all three treatments into one elegant design, we had to take a look (and a sniff and a listen). Using advanced ultrasonic technology, the Oregon Aroma Diffuser Mood Light can suffuse the air with essential oils, cycle through a light show of mood-boosting colours, play a selection of relaxing natural sounds or even wake you up in the morning with all three! Magic.

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