Orbitsound T12 Soundbar
  • Orbitsound T12 Soundbar

Orbitsound T12 Soundbar

Welly for your telly

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    place under your TV

    Enjoy crystal clear sound quality

    Bringing cinematic sound to your TV usually involves sullying your oh-so sleek sitting room with itty-bitty satellite speakers. Moreover, you need to sit in a particular ‘sweet spot’ to get the full stereo effect. But all that is about to change thanks to Orbitsound’s T12 Soundbar. Eardrums, prepare for a stereo assault!

    This gorgeously sleek noise-chucker utilises revolutionary spatial stereo technology to deliver realistic stereo sound, caressing your lugholes with unbelievable depth and clarity wherever you choose to plonk yourself.

    using the dock for iPhone

    You can even dock your iThing in it!

    Position the Soundbar and its accompanying subwoofer under the TV and you’re liable to melt ya face with bass whilst befuddling your ears (in a good way) with crystal clear stereo trickery. It’s the perfect way to beef up blockbusters and big games – and those are just the broadcasts beginning with b.

    Throw in iPod-dockability, a smart remote, and inputs for all the latest computers and consoles and you’re looking at a multi-tasking sound system that rocks the competition to its core. Victory to the Soundbar!

    multiple winner of 5 star awards

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