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Orbit CD/DVD Copier

    Orbit CD/DVD Copier

    Copy discs in a whisk with the Orbit CD/DVD Copier

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      Up until now, the word 'copier' has always been synonymous with toner cartridges, dreary annual reports and grainy A4 images of the office junior's spotty, tinsel-flecked arse.

      But all that's about to change big time thanks to the amazing Orbit CD/DVD Copier. OK, so it won't copy gold bullion, fifty-quid notes or bottles of Scotch, but this splendiferous, beer case-sized workhorse will copy CDs or DVDs at the push of a single button. Yes, the Orbit will knock out perfect duplications time after time, and is so user-friendly even a sales assistant from the nation's favourite electrical retailer could fathom out how to work it. Well, probably.

      All you do is load in up to 50 (yes, 50) blank CDs or DVDs, bung in the master (master disc, that is, not Dr Who villain), press the 'Yes' button and prepare to be amazed. Even at its slowest the Orbit can burn off 12 CDs or 2 single-layered DVDs an hour. And, because the Orbit is fully automated, you can leave it alone to do its merry work overnight whilst you dream of waking up to fifty freshly facsimiled discs.

      Best of all, there's no need for a pesky PC because the Orbit is a completely stand alone unit and requires no peripheral paraphernalia.

      Although perfect for office use - catalogues, presentations, price lists, freebie discs etc. - the Orbit is also a godsend for music fans, musicians and DJs, not only because it's great for duplicating albums and demos, but also because weÂ’re offering it in several funky, custom-sprayed colours. And we all know how important image is in the music biz.

      Of course, such a desirable item doesn't come cheap, but we guarantee you'll be blown away by the Orbit's sleek design and hassle-free operation. So come on, start begging, borrowing and stealing now because this classy copycat is destined to become a top seller.

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