Optrix Extreme Sports Case
  • Optrix Extreme Sports Case

Optrix Extreme Sports Case

Lights, camera, extreme action!

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    attached to helmet animation

    Record your extreme pursuits

    Are you currently moving at high speeds on some kind of outlandish vehicle? Preparing to leap out of a perfectly good aeroplane or simply want to record your latest trick from a new perspective?

    The Optrix Extreme Sports Case helps you take advantage of your cutting-edge iPhone 4/iPod Touch camera and is easily mounted on helmets, handlebars, boards and even car bonnets. Think of it as a full set of safety gear for your modern day iStuntman.

    Optrix Protective Extreme Sports Case

    Attach the Optrix to your ride...

    Optrix Protective Extreme Sports Case

    or simply attach it to your helmet

    Optrix Protective Extreme Sports Case

    Keep your phone safe and dry

    ant-vibration cases

    Special anti-vibration sleds help
    keep the recording smooth

    The specially designed anti-vibration sleds mean your footage stays smooth and clear, whether you’re hurtling down a mountainside, sailing through the air or just setting a new land speed record over the weekend. Plus, thanks to the transparent touchscreen membrane you’ll be free to review the action live, or save it for editing later on one of the compatible video Apps.

    The Optrix is made from military-grade materials and utilises ‘ultrasonic welding’ techniques and silicon gaskets. Now while this all sounds like N.A.S.A. sized levels of overkill, it certainly has us convinced that this rugged and water-resistant case will keep those i-gadgets safe and secure.

    Leaving you free to use your hands for more important things, like clinging precariously to that cliff ledge, Mr Stallone.


    Comes with two extra strong adhesive mounts and anti-vibration sleds for iPhone 4/4S and iPod Touch

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