Optoma Neo-i DV20
  • Optoma Neo-i DV20

Optoma Neo-i DV20

Dock, look, listen

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    small and compact design

    Small but high quality projector

    Are you slowly losing your home entertainment system behind piles of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays? Are all those cases and special edition box sets taking up acres of space in your living room? Yes, we know they look lovely; but why not lighten the load and go digital?

    Playing music and projecting movies from a digital source has never been easier, or more affordable. Take the Optoma Neo-i DV20, for example. Just plug your iPhone or iPod into the top of this sleek mini cinema and share your video and audio with the whole room (and possibly your neighbours).

    This stylish all-in-one entertainment system features two robust 8W speakers and a handy 1280 x 800 projector. More than a gimmicky bolt-on, it’s capable of throwing a screen 120" in size, from almost 5m away. So it’s perfect in your living room, bedroom, or even office boardroom (boring!).


    Inputs for various other players: VGA for computers and laptops, HDMI for Blu-Ray, DVD and Games consoles.

    without phone

    You can project without an iPhone too

    So how does it work? Well, the DV20 is compatible with all but the earliest iPods. Just plug yours in the top using one of the many adaptors that come with it; and treat it like any other iPod speaker dock. It’ll charge your Apple gadget and happily play your favourite tracks as you job about the house (or host a party). But fire up the 50 LED Lumens projector and the DV20 really comes into its own.

    It’ll display anything that you can store on your Apple Gadget; from home movies and holiday snaps to video blogs, films, TV programmes and music videos. And best of all, it can even handle live streaming media. So forget huddling around your iPhone to watch YouTube clips, catch-up TV and live webcasts; throw them onto your living room wall!

    But if you’re not one of the Apple crowd, the DV20 still has a few handy tricks up its sleeve. VGA, HDMI and AV ports on the back accept inputs from all manner of other gadgets. So what better time to refine your home cinema setup, upgrade your screen size, and save your living room from looking like the local branch of Blockbusters.

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