Optoma HD67 Projector
  • Optoma HD67 Projector

Optoma HD67 Projector

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    The Optoma HD67 is a High Definition Ready projector that brings the cinematic experience to your home. This fantastic projector combines stunningly bright 1800 ANSI lumens with a perfectly balanced colour rendition, thanks to the 400:1 ANSI contrast ratio. The HD67 can accept HD sources at 24 frames per second, preserving the purity of the HD image originally intended by the director.

    Featuring a full range of analogue and digital inputs, the projector is compatible with BluRay/DVD players, game consoles, digital boxes and Mac and PC. The Optoma HD67 is perfect for watching your favourite movies on the big screen, night or day.

    tech specs and dimensions
    What’s more, the vivid colours and crystal clear image quality are guaranteed for a full 5 years after purchase - giving peace of mind that the technology inside the Optoma HD67 projector won’t let you down. Hit the buy button and start upsizing your life.

    inputs and outputs

    1) Power in 2) VGA/Scart input 3) HDMI input 4) S-Video input 5) Video input 6) PC/Mac control 7) Audio in/out

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