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Opposite Reaction

Frantic face off in reverse

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    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Well, according to apple-botherer Newton's 'Third Law of Motion' there is. But to be honest the only reaction we're currently interested in is Opposite Reaction. And that's because this ludicrously entertaining head-to-head electronic game is totally unputdownable.

    The people behind Opposite Reaction describe it as "the ultimate head-to-head, hand twistin', brain turnin' game of skill and speed". And despite all those missin' gs we'd have to flippin' well agree!

    If you're familiar with the electronic gizmo Bop It you'll know how fist-bitingly addictive these follow-the-leader-style games can be, and this is no exception. The big difference with Opposite Reaction is that it is designed to be played head-to-head and at close quarters. Backwards. No, really!

    We realise it looks a bit like something Duck Dodgers might use to zap Marvin the Martian, but Opposite Reaction is infinitely more entertaining than any intergalactic animated ray gun you'd care to think of. Basically each player grabs hold of their handle and then pushes, pulls and twists it to follow the flashing command arrows. There are four lights on each side of this colourful contraption and each time you beat your opponent one of your lights goes on. The idea is to light all four before your opponent. Get it?

    This is fast and furious stuff (and the "aarrgh!"/one-more-go factor is completely off the scale) but the real brain-mangling madness begins when the game switches to "Opposite Reaction" because you must then do the complete opposite to what the flashing arrows indicate.

    Opposite Reaction

    Opposite Reaction Bamboozled? You will be! It's like reciting the alphabet backwards whilst patting your head, rubbing your stomach and playing the xylophone with your feet. Increasingly frantic music adds to the tooth-grinding tension as does the close proximity of your opponent. In fact Opposite Reaction is guaranteed to have you gurning, cursing and giggling in each other's faces for hours on end. But don't take our word for it; Opposite Reaction has to be played to be fully disbelieved and totally misunderstood! Get it? Got it? dooG!

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