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    Them bones, them bones!

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      If you've ever fancied operating on someone but can't be bothered spending years at medical school, we've got the ideal remedy. Operation, the classic 'steady hand' game, is here at Firebox - and it's just as much fun as you remember.

      Okay, so it's not exactly cutting-edge in terms of technology or gameplay, but it's scalpel-sharp in terms of fun and playability, and we guarantee friends and relatives will be unable to resist yelling 'Can I operate?' (although hopefully not in the weird transatlantic twang of the over-enthusiastic mum in the ancient advert) the minute they clap eyes on it.

      Operation Speaking of medical matters, unless you've spent the past twenty years in a coma ward with your entire head wrapped in bandages, you should know that Operation is a game of skill and precision where players get paid for extracting comedy body parts from an unfortunate chap named Cavity Sam.

      Operation 'Doctor' cards instruct players which part of Sam's portly body to operate on. If you are successful, you get paid. If you fail (by touching the metallic sides of the body cavity with the tweezers) Sam's nose lights up and a noisy buzzer goes off. The body part is then put back in and the opponent who holds a corresponding Specialist card has a go for a higher fee. The player with the most money after all the completed operations wins.


      Operation Yes, we know it sounds easier than putting on a plaster, but mastering Operation is no mean feat, especially the trickier procedures such as the fiddly spare ribs or the ankle bone (where players must loop a rubber band around fiddly stumps inside the leg). Operation really is a game for the whole family and it's a scream at parties, as keeping a steady hand when in an advanced state of liquid refreshment is a real challenge. In fact, we love Operation so much we're going to prescribe that you buy yours now and play it at least three times a day, every day. Doctors orders!

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