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  • One-Two-Tree!


Dreaming of a light Christmas?

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    Flat packed

    Putting plasticky decorations in your oh-so contemporary home is a bit like wearing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer socks with a sharp suit (quick pause as you cover your ankles). But trying to find non-chintzy Christmas accessories isn't easy.

    So how do you add a winter wonderland feel to your home without making it look like some naff grotto du tat? Easy, you buy the stylish but immensely festive One-Two-Tree Lamp. As with most Nordic items, this chic table lamp comes flat-packed. Simply slide the four plastic sections together to complete the 3D tree, shove in a bulb and plug it in. It's easier than pulling a cracker (of the paper variety).


    Available in Red and White

    With its gentle glow and streamlined styling, the One-Two-Tree Lamp is sure to attract attention at your festive get-togethers. In fact it looks a bit like the kind of thing you might bung on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (if indeed they celebrate Christmas in space).


    Decorations optional

    Perfect for fans of minimalism, this très chic lamp can be used year after year, and thanks to its flat pack design you can take it apart for easy storage. If you're feeling particularly bah humbug you could even use this soon-to-be design classic instead of a proper Christmas tree. It's certainly a lot neater, and you won't have to spend the twelve days of Christmas swearing at faulty fairy lights. Failing that, you could use it as a table centrepiece during Christmas dinner. It beats kitsch plastic sleighs and poncey poinsettias any day of the week.


    Simple ingredients

    In fact the One-Two-Tree Lamp is so smart and unobtrusive you could probably leave it on display all year round - just tell curious onlookers you're really into the work of Lothair Hamann (no, us neither but apparently he's the lamp's designer). Apart from pouring vintage brandy butter over a pile of designer decorations we can think of no better way to add a non-naff festive touch to your home or office. So hit Buy and let it glow, let it glow, let it glow!

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