One Big Element Cufflinks
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One Big Element Cufflinks

The missing ingredient

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    Cufflinks on a shirt

    OMG where did you get
    those cufflinks?

    It’s easy to overlook cufflinks, but the right pair can have an almost magical effect on your outfit. Thankfully, raising your sartorial standards isn’t a mystical art at all, it’s an exact science – as proven by One Big Element Cufflinks. Because these tongue-in-cheek accessories are based on the Periodic Table of Elements. Well... loosely.

    Combining pairs of well-known (and not so well-known) elements, the boffins behind these brightly coloured cufflinks have created the useful compounds BeEr, LuV, OMg, and GaY. Alright, so it’s perhaps not the most subtle way to use the periodic table, but separated on each wrist it’ll take a sharp-eyed admirer to spot the hidden message.

    One Big Element Cufflinks are the perfect accessory for style geeks and fashionable science-types. So slip on a pair while we don the lab coat and investigate other possibilities. Hehehe... AsS.

    Different styles of cufflinks

    Several comical chemical combinations available (from L-R): Luv, OMG, Gay & Beer

    More detail and specification