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On This Day Poster
  • On This Day Poster

On This Day Poster

A touch of history

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    Heat sensitive square

    Heat sensitive square

    Think nothing interesting ever happens on a Tuesday? Think again! Now you can put every day of the year into context with the On This Day Poster. This funky wall calendar features a significant historical event on every single day.

    Just hold your hand to the heat-sensitive square and the useful (ish) fact will be revealed. For instance, on a 27th of January Thomas Edison patented the light bulb. And on one 15th August back in the sixties the Beatles played to nearly 60,000 fans at Shea Stadium in New York City – an event that would be later regarded as the birth of stadium rock. Makes you think twice about going home and slobbing infront of the telly, doesn’t it?

    Marking your own information on

    Make your mark

    Thanks to the Poster’s innovative design, there’s plenty of room to mark on important dates of your own, and set yourself reminders. However, if you leave it unmarked, it will actually serve as a calendar every year. Hang it up at home or at work and it’ll serve as a timely reminder that there’s no such thing as a dull day.

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