Ollie The Twitterific Bird
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Ollie The Twitterific Bird

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    For the uninitiated, Twitterific is a rather popular bit of Twitter software that lets Mac, iPad or iPhone users tell the world about their breakfast in 140 characters or less. Why are we telling you this? Well, the logo of this particular bit of software is Ollie The Twitterific Bird. And since his cheeky face has become synonymous with fun, chat, breaking news and hot gossip; the makers of Twitterific, the Icon Factory, have made him available as this 4 inch vinyl figure.

    Pop him by your computer as a chirpy reminder to keep in touch with the world. His slightly downwards-facing posture and gaping beak give the impression he’s absolutely fascinated by what you’re doing. Which is handy, if you’re knocking out dull reports or doing some serious procrastinating between jobs.

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