Official World Poker Tour Cards
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Official World Poker Tour Cards

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    Considering how popular poker is becoming it's amazing how many of us still make do with withered old cards that look as if they fell out of a Christmas cracker circa 1979. You wouldn't play snooker with tangerines and a broomstick so why compromise when playing a game that could, theoretically, see you losing your shirt, car, house and, in extreme circumstances, girlfriend? (Or is that just us going to gambling extremes again?).

    The point is, poker is a game played by movers and shakers, and a tatty old deck just won't cut the mustard if you want to make like a pro. That's why you need to get your mitts on a couple of decks of Official World Poker Tour Cards. These long lasting 100% all-plastic playing cards are recognised by top casinos for their supreme quality and exceptional 'shuffle' and 'snap'. They are also used in the Hollywood Home Game Tournament, the TV smash that helped spread pokermania across the US.

    Made by highly-respected card makers Bee, Official World Poker Tour Cards are the cards of choice for connoisseurs and casinos across the globe, and they feel reassuringly Vegas-like. Thumb through a deck with your eyes closed and you could almost be in the great neon city itself; give 'em a proper shuffle and you can practically feel the electricity generated by a million extra-large shell suits en route to the Siegfried Minus Roy Show, and hear the relentless dingalingding of a bazillion fruit machines.

    Incredibly durable, Official World Poker Tour Cards are nothing like the bendy, dog-eared rubbish you're used to playing with and they will retain their shape after more than 50 hours of play! They're also extremely difficult to mark or crease, so cheaters beware.

    Both decks are packaged together in a plush zip-up carry case bearing the World Poker Tour logo. Also included is a handy booklet detailing the rules of Texas Hold'em - the most popular poker variant played in casinos across the US. All this and you still get change from a tenner! If that isn't a great deal, we don't know what is!

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