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Office Voodoo Kit

    Office Voodoo Kit

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      Being reprinted - back in 2003!

      There are times when work, and the people you work with, get right on your wick. Now, with this revolutionary product, you can happily stab and prick irritating workmates until bad things happen to them or they – in a totally out-of-character move – do something nice for you. Or, at least, you can attack their effigies. Welcome to Office Voodoo.

      The doll has been made so that all eventualities are covered. One side is female and the other male – this means any superior, colleague or underling can be a target. Then you have to choose whether you want something bad to happen to them (carpal tunnel syndrome, photocopier jam, a demotion) or you want to influence your voodoo-ee into doing something good for you, like supplying you with a company laptop or opening up the expense account.

      Utter nonsense or cathartic workplace must-have. It's definitely one or the other – you decide.

      Cast a spell on an unsuspecting email confidant by heading to

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