The Space Hopper is back

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      What exactly is the attraction of sitting on a large, air-filled rubber sac and bouncing away like a baby in one of those strapped-to-a-doorframe contraptions that infants so enjoy? Putting a finger on the exact reason is difficult, but something as fundamental and basic as a go on a space hopper doesn't really stand up to analysis. In essence, it's just a hugely entertaining thing to do.

      By far the best way to get full enjoyment from these oversized fun bags is to race them. Happily, for exactly that purpose, the makers fashion their creations in several different colours and emblazon large numbers on the front. Perfect for competition hopping.

      Of course, the natural habitat of the Oddball is the common or park, where full entertainment can be gained from its rubbery characteristics and ability to support a human frame. Bringing one of these, instead of a dog-eared tennis ball and bat, to a Sunday afternoon laze-around is guaranteed to make you the talk of the surrounding area. Just mind the nearby picnics during your space hopper steeplechases.

      Original Oddballs come blue - (#3). For the professional racer amongst you there's now the new Flaming 8 Ball - which sports a black "8 Ball" design and ships complete with pump and racing flag. Please note that the flames are for illustration only as this product would of course melt at high temperatures.

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