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Octane Shower Gel

    Octane Shower Gel

    Start the day with a bang!

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      Green tea is a natural antioxidant. Now you can have all the stimulating benefits of caffeine, and do something good for your hair and skin! With just a hint of mint and soothing green tea aroma you will feel refreshed, re-invigorated, and re-energized during and after your shower! And with its innovative built-in fuel gauge, you'll never unexpectedly run out of Green Tea Gel!

      The secret of Octane™ Green Tea Gel lies in its proprietary blend of caffeine, green tea extracts and mint, which produces an effective energy inducing kick that's full of lather, cleansing and purifying power. You can actually feel the tingle on your skin as you use it!

      Octane Shower Gel: Fuel Gauge

      Octane was designed to effectively stimulate the most sensitive areas of the body. Imagine of the effect of an ice cube placed against your neck, face, or underarms. Just thinking about it might send shivers up your spine, but what if placing that same ice cube on your arms, body, or legs provided no sensation? You would then have the ability to focus and channel that energy to where it's most effective! This is how Octane works and makes it the perfect way to get a stimulating kick start everytime you shower!

      How to Use

      Simple lather it on all over, count to twenty and then rinse off. You can use a sponge, towel, or pouf or straight from the bottle. For best results, concentrate on the 4 Octane Zones as that's where you'll get the best effect:

      1. Face and head
      2. Behind ears
      3. Behind neck
      4. Chest and shoulders

      For maximum effect, follow with Octane™ Re-energizing Gel for an even stronger kick and soothing moisturization!

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