Octane Re-Energising Gel

    Octane Re-Energising Gel

    Refuel your cool!

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      Next time it's 4 o'clock in the office and you're fading fast, forget coffee and refuel with some Octane.

      There is nothing like it on the market - two years in the making, Octane™ is the world's first re-energising gel you apply directly on the skin.

      Using a combination of herbs including Ginseng and Aloe Vera, Octane™ penetrates deep into your skin, cooling and re-energising you and helping you overcome fatigue - so it's perfect for active, busy people who are constantly on the go.

      Octane is great for:

      • Freshening up
      • Overcoming fatigue
      • Clearing and focusing the mind
      • Staying alert
      • Shaking hangovers
      • De-stressing
      • Re-energising
      • Cooling down

      The "Octane Feeling" is difficult to describe - the manufacturers in the USA call it "an initial stiff winter breeze that awakens all the senses, warming into the clear freshness felt after a cleansing rainfall."
      Poetic stuff. We think a better (and shorter) description is that "it's like being Tango'd".

      Octane at your bedside in the morning is a great eye-opening way to start the day - especially if you need to shake off the vodka monkeys from the night before. It's a refreshing boost right after your shower. Use it on the way to work to relieve the stress of rush hour traffic and cramped public transport, or at your desk as a caffeine alternative.

      One of the secrets of Octane is Panex Ginseng, which herbalists believe reduced the negative effects of stress, improves performance, boosts energy levels, enhances memory, and stimulates the immune system.

      Each 2.3 ounce bottle contains approximately 3-4 weeks supply of normal use. (However, after your friends try it, you might find that it strangely disappears...)

      Tips on using Octane™

      Octane™ in the Morning
      Add some boost to your life with Octane. Octane is the healthy alternative to coffee and other stimulators. Start your day fresh with Octane by applying over your eyelids (with your eyes closed) and all oil prone areas on your face. Octane is the perfect supplement for those days when you just canÂ’t get out of bed...

      Octane™ at Work
      How many times have you wanted to fall asleep during lengthy board meetings, presentations or after a liquid lunch? Or maybe you just don't have a very exciting job, and need a change of pace? Stop risking your job security and get Octane. A simple application of Octane to the back of your neck, and behind your ears will provide refreshing energy to get past these hurdles...

      Octane™ while studying
      Who hasn't fallen asleep during a class or lecture? As a student, you've no doubt been forced into "all nighters", whether it was due to partying too hard, or just too much work from a lecturer. In any case, don't take up smoking or caffeine stimulants to stay alert. Get Octane and "Fuel The Cool". Apply behind your neck, ears, and face. For extra energy, apply to chest and shoulders.

      Octane™ after Exercising
      Doesn't it feel great to work up a sweat during a workout session? What feels even better is to apply Octane the moment you finish, before the sweat has even begun to dry. Octane isn't affected by sweat, so go right ahead and apply it to your face, neck, ears, shoulder, and chest. Octane will neutralize the sweat, and remove excess oil while giving you a "super cooling" buzz.

      Octane™ on the Road
      Ever feel drowsy while on the road? Maybe you're on a long trip or just sitting in rush hour traffic. Next time you feel drowsy, try Octane over your eye lids, face, and neck for a refreshing and cleansing energy.

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