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Obol Bowl

Snap, crackle and flop?

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    Save yourself from soggy cereal

    Is your snap, crackle and pop more of a squish, squelch and flop? Then you need the incredible Obol. Destined to redefine the way you munch your cereal of a morning, this incredible bowl keeps Krispies crisp and Frosties firm – and those are just the unfunny alliterative examples, because this baby utilises swoop and scoop technology to make every bite as crunchy as the first.

    So how does this miraculous bowl work? Simple, it has two sections, an upper area for cereal and a lower reservoir for milk. Just scoop a spoonful of cereal with your spoon, then scoop the milk for the perfect bite. Brilliant, and it’ll pay for itself in no time as you’ll no longer need to bin milk-logged muesli every time you’ve been distracted by Christine Bleakley’s charms.

    But why stick to cereal? The Obol is ideal for milk and cookies, soup and crackers and even nachos and salsa. It’s also perfect for snacking on the sofa/in bed, because as well being made from unbreakable polypropylene it features a textured rim and non-slip thumb shelf. Parents and kids alike will love it. It’s even dishwasher safe.

    detail of bowl design

    Curved shelf design

    Here at the Firebox breakfast club serial cereal munchers reckon the Obol is the best thing to happen to breakfast since old man Kellogg inadvertently invented Corn Flakes by leaving out a load of cooked wheat whilst he attended to pressing matters in his sanitarium. No really.

    And speaking of sanitariums, we all know how stressful breakfast time can be. Thankfully the Obol gives you one less thing to worry about in the morning. Eating breakfast will never be the same again. Crr-r-r-runch!

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