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Obama Llama
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Obama Llama

All rhyme, no reason

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Obama Llama
  • The beautifully absurd celebrity rhyming game
  • Hailing from World's Best DJ Matt Edmondson
  • Card game meets spitting rhymes meets charades on crack
  • Hilariously illustrated playing cards
  • Tom Jones making clones. Amazing
World's best DJ, Matt Edmondson, has found a new way to bring us everlasting joy.

Okay let's play...

Reckon you can act out, describe or mime these rhymes?

A super scientologist has a penchant for glam rock footwear... Err...TOM CRUISE LIKES WEARING PLATFORM SHOES!

Geddit? Yes? Well, now you get the gist of how this wonderfully absurd game works. Plus hundreds more insane celebrity rhyme cards included.

Oozing the weirdest, most wonderfulest rhymes you’ve ever heard, your job is to mime, act out and describe these rhymes while other players get over excited, shriek answers at you and possibly self combust. It's fast-paced, fantastic and like nothing we've come across before.

Adrenaline rushes guaranteed.

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20 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "So fun! Such a good game to play with the kids."
    Daniel - 6th of December, 2017
  • "A great fun game, that is never ever the same. When played with mates the game is great & the rhymes can get insane!"
    Mr H - 7th of April, 2016
  • "Brilliant game! Love it!"
    Rachel Davies - 7th of April, 2016
  • "Great game - some of us much better than others! Not sure if you would soon run out of cards though?!"
    Samantha - 29th of March, 2016
  • "Such a fun game for all the family."
    Vikki - 28th of March, 2016