Obama Llama 2
  • Obama Llama 2
  • Obama Llama 2
  • Obama Llama 2
  • Obama Llama 2

Obama Llama 2

Better than Trump Alpaca

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Obama Llama 2
Brand spanking NEW
  • The gloriously ridiculous rhyming game is BACK!
  • Can you find the rhyme in time - again?!
  • In case you missed the memo, it’s crazy charades with rhyming, sort of
  • More hilarious fun from World's Best DJ Matt Edmondson
  • And Big Potato Games, of course. We love those guys.


Sadly our mate Barrack is a figure of the distant past, enjoying some hard earned holidays with Michelle and probably writing a series of children’s books or something nice like that. (See vacation attire Obama on the front of the box for evidence.)

But the good news is that his surname STILL rhymes with llama! So the lovely gang at Big Potato Games powered up their brains to give birth to Obama Llama II.

The premise of the rhyming charades game with a strange sounding name is the same - but features 500 brand new things to act out or describe. Try to guess this one: The creature from Free Willy enjoys munching on trendy, curly cabbage…*

Even more ridiculous than last time, this charades-card game-rhyme spitting tour de force is a must have for any fun lover’s games cupboard, even if you have the original. ESPECIALLY if you have the original!

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