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OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator
  • OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator

OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator

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    Simulator in the garage

    Make some room in the garage for your new hobby!

    Piloting an aeroplane in your home makes about as much sense as driving a combine harvester around the bathroom. But we gave up trying to make sense years ago. That’s why we’re stocking the utterly gob-smacking OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator.

    Ideal for all you wannabe pilots and flight school owners (with a spare £36k) this incredible set-up is a fully enclosed, full motion flight simulator for the home. Unbelievable! Flying around the world without leaving home has never been easier. Just plug into the mains and you’re away!

    Three 24" TFT panoramic monitors act as your ‘windows’ for landscape viewing, while chest-thumping speakers simulate all the right noises. But wait, there’s more: the Ovo-4’s full movement replicates the sensation of twisting, pitching, slipping, accelerating and braking, on the runway and in the air.

    Close up of controls

    Controls and 3 screens!

    step inside

    Step inside...

    Pilot at the controls

    and become a pilot!

    Showing full movement

    Full movement!

    Blown away? You should be because this gorgeously engineered simulator even boasts state of the art vibration systems to replicate turbulence, runway irregularities, engine vibration and jolting from ignition. What’s more an ingenious lighting system regulates light intensity in the cockpit in order to differentiate between night and day. ‘Scuse me, can I have a blanket?’

    Don’t worry about specialist software because the OVO-4 uses Microsoft Flight Simulator X so anyone can use it. Just choose your airport, select the weather conditions and prepare for take off. Wearing cool shades and a full uniform is entirely optional but we find wearing nothing at all most amusing. Plus you’ll feel like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly every time you step inside. We digress. The point is you can do whatever you like aboard your very own simulator.

    Supervisor unit

    Supervisor unit

    The Ovo’s aeronautically shaped cockpit comes fully equipped with all the necessary levers, adjustable pedals, controls, instruments, buttons and indicators, including a real 5-position switch for engine ignition. ‘Hmmm, now is that one the fuel selector or the radio?’ And there was us thinking pilots simply snoozed and flirted with stewardesses on those long haul flights.

    Needless to say a simulator of this technological magnificence doesn’t come cheap, but at least the price (which, coincidentally, is up there with average cruising altitude) includes delivery, installation and on-the-spot training. You also get a separate unit known as ‘the Freezer’ to house the PC and other hardware needed to power the Ovo-4. So what are you waiting for? Your flight’s about to leave! ‘Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying with Firebox.’ WTF?!

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