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Nyko Air Flo Mouse
  • Nyko Air Flo Mouse

Nyko Air Flo Mouse

A computer mouse with built-in air conditioning? How incredibly cool!

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    Unless you're reading this from the Planet Tharg via a thought-sensitive super computer, chances are you're surfing around our sumptuous site using a small plastic mouse. Indeed, the humble computer mouse is now so ubiquitous a leading manufacturer recently calculated that, laid end to end, without any cables, the 500 million mice it has so far produced would circle the Earth 1.6 times. Fancy that!

    Air Flo Mouse: side vents

    Air Flo: side vents

    The point being, most anyone who uses a computer uses a mouse. Whether we're working, surfing or gaming, this rolling, rodent-esque device is the one PC peripheral we just can't live without. Unfortunately, most of us now spend so much time gripping the indispensable little blighters that our overworked hands can get mighty hot and sweaty - an irritating and unpleasant problem, particularly if you are in the middle of an intense frag-fest or rushing to meet a deadline.

    Air Flo Mouse: top vents

    Rubberised shell and top vents

    Moist mitts can lead to surfing slip-ups, gaming gaffes, document disasters and countless other computer-related clangers. Of course, you can always blow on your palm or give it a quick wipe, but this involves temporarily removing it from your mouse, an action that can lead to catastrophe. So how do you keep your palms cool and dry as you manipulate your favourite plastic peripheral? Easy, you purchase an ingenious 'air conditioned' Air Flo Mouse.

    Air Flo Mouse: animation

    This sleek, ergonomically designed optical mouse uses patented technology to gently push air through carefully positioned perforations that punctuate its oh-so-sexy rubberised shell. A small three-position switch toggles the fan between off, low and high settings.

    Air Flo Mouse: front view

    The tiny built-in fan creates a wonderfully cooling breeze that keeps palms cool, dry and dextrous. This whole effect is surprisingly calming and allows you to double your concentration throughout your gamingÂ…sorry, working, day. As well its cooling qualities the silver and black Air Flo features an 850dpi optical sensor for highly accurate tracking, two buttons and a scroll wheel.

    The Air Flo mouse is powered entirely through the USB cable, no batteries are required for the fan. It makes moving, scrolling, pointing and clicking a total breeze, and is a must-have peripheral for anyone who's serious about computing. That means you!

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