Nutcase Street Helmets
  • Nutcase Street Helmets

Nutcase Street Helmets

Love your brain!

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    For some inexplicable reason, the big man upstairs failed to anticipate your foolhardy desire to plummet down mountains, tear up the tarmac and generally act the skull-smashing, brain-bashing daredevil every waking moment. So thank goodness for Nutcase Street Helmets.

    Ideal for cycling, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding and countless other risky pursuits, these multi award-winning ABS injection-moulded helmets are loaded with features, including shock-absorbing lining and quick-release magnetic buckles so you won’t have to fiddle around looping and clasping when you should be limbering up to jump Snake Canyon.

    Unlike most lids on the market, Nutcases are as stylish as they are practical. Go for a burton wearing one of these and onlookers won’t know whether to help you to your feet or compliment you on your awesome taste in protective headgear. Oh, brain, I love you!

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