Numark iCD Mix 3
  • Numark iCD Mix 3

Numark iCD Mix 3

Raise the roof and teardown fast

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    close up of dials

    The jog/shuttle wheels control place in the track and pitch

    For mobile DJs (the non-spangly jacketed kind) and anyone needing systems that pack away quickly, the Numark iCD Mix 3 is among the best. With dual CD inputs and a universal iPhone/iPod dock, this multitasking system has everything you need for raising the roof and tearing down in a flash.

    The professional-quality setup is based around a rugged metal chassis. Combined with Numark’s electronically buffered Anti-Shock™ skip protection it’s well suited to the rough and tumble of life on the road. It even has rack ears for mounting in a rack, fixed installation or transport case (we’re down with our roadies).

    Use the jog/shuttle wheel to quickly skip to points within tracks and the other controls to balance out the pitch, set cue points and (of course) mix. The iCD Mix 3 has a three-channel mixer section that’s just as good as a standalone mixer. Switch from your built-in CD players to your rear panel RCA inputs for external units, or just make the most of your mic and iPod inputs. Make some noise!
    ports on back of unit

    1: Power Switch 2: Voltage Switch 3: Master XLR 4: Master & Zone 5: Phono & Line 6: Aux 7: Mic 2 8: Mic 1

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