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Not Today Satan Travel Mug
  • Not Today Satan Travel Mug
  • Not Today Satan Travel Mug

Not Today Satan Travel Mug

Latte, you stay

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  • Pay tribute to your favourite Queen
  • Drag race inspired Travel mug with silicone sleeve
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free
  • Made in a UK based zero-waste facility
  • The sassiest way to save the planet


Overpriced coffee in a non-recyclable cup that’ll end up in a landfill? Not today, Satan. Fill this sustainable travel mug with the hot beverage of your choosing and give unnecessary waste the dressing down it deserves. Global warming, sashay away.

If skipping out on the disposable cup wasn't enough, this travel mug was made in the UK (low carbon footprint, ooh) in a zero-waste facility. AND it's BPA-free. Nice.

Be the sassiest sister at your local coffee hole, or swerve that altogether in favour of a home brew. We stan an economical queen. And you won’t even burn your hand thanks to that sexy silicone sleeve. We’ve got your back, babe.

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2 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "It’s funny, it saves on throw away coffee cups, & shhh...it also works with alcohol..."
    - 4th of April, 2019
  • "This is a just a frickin' brilliant travel mug!! Pretty AF, useful AF and great for answering silly requests (just hold it up!!) 😂"
    - 28th of February, 2019