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  • Nookii


A game of love. And the rest...

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    This is what it says on the first page of the Nookii guidelines. "Nookii is a map of foreplay, a key to a door of possibilities on a multitude of sensual interactions. It works by suggestion, delivering diversity and humour. One of the key components of good sex is awareness and Nookii is a great way to enhance sensuality."


    Concentrating firmly

    It sounds a little bit Lovers Guide, perhaps, but it's a million miles away from being crude or blatantly cheap; a clever move on the part of the two girls who invented this adults-only game. The issue with games of this kind is that they usually recommend being wasted, having a can of whipped cream handy and a party of baying onlookers to roar at the sight of your bare arse being whipped or drawn on. Instead, Nookii, is about two people switching off for a while and concentrating firmly on one another. And one another's bits.


    Pick a card

    All you do is roll two dice, set the timer according to your score and then carry out the instructions on either a Mmm card (quite saucy, pre 9pm watershed stuff), an Ooh card (make sure the curtains are closed, it's getting saucy) or an Aah card ('I think he's attempting re-entry, Sir'*). Stopping short of inviting the participants to actually consummate their union, Nookii nevertheless will steam up your glasses with some of its recommended tasks. A scarf - not a woolly one, silly - is provided for use with certain instructions. The trickiest thing is finding someone to play it with...

    *Q to M at the end of Moonraker (1979)


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