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Nookii Confidential
  • Nookii Confidential

Nookii Confidential

The spy who rubbed me

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    Spies have got it made. When they’re not seducing fellow agents they’re busy persuading glamorous sidekicks to blow on their dice and caress their Walthers. And now you can do the same (sort of) with Nookii Confidential.

    For your (adult) eyes only, this role-play-driven sequel to Nookii, the raunchy board game for couples, utilises a sexy spy theme. It’s the perfect naughty night in for all you Mr Bigs and Miss Onceisneverenoughs.

    Speaking of suggestive names, your first mission is to choose an eyebrow-raising alias, ie: The Man with the Golden Bum. Next, pick a card from three increasingly racy sets (Brief Encounter, Rendezvous or Deep Cover), select your gadget (lipstick, UV flashlight, invisible ink pen, blindfold), set the timer and commence your nudge-nudge wink-wink assignment, a task that invariably involves getting up close and extremely personal with your partner. ‘When I thrill, I thrill for Queen and country.’ Phwoar!

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